The glorious Naval Princess!
Andros is the most Northern island of the Cyclades, and has a rich naval tradition. Andros’ landscape is unique amongst the Cyclades – it mixes sandy beaches with rocky coastlines, mountain ranges with fertile plains, and lush vegetation with flowing streams.

Andros’ capital, Chora, is home to famous Greek captains and ship owners. Andros blends medieval, neoclassical and rustic island style in a fascinating way to create uniquely memorable architecture. Attractions in the Chora include a spacious square with trees, narrow streets, flights of stairs, and remarkable churches and museums. The variety of shops, cafes and restaurants in the Chora too make this an attractive travel destination for all kinds of visitors. The true highlight is the Frankish castle, located on an islet connected to the main island by an arched stone bridge dating back to the 13th century. A combination of monuments, museums, and churches all combine to paint a rich and vibrant cultural canvas on the beautiful island of Andros!

Andros Travel Destination Information

Getting to Andros
  • Port of Andros
Andros Transportation
  • Local Bus / Taxi
Andros Highlights
  • Archaeological Museum
  • Batsi Village
  • Ruins of Paleopolis
  • Temple of Dionysus