The controversial Is-land!
Evia is the second largest island of Greece and the third largest in the eastern Mediterranean. It is located very close to the Prefecture of Attica. Even though it is geographically defined as island, Evia has many mainland characteristics, due to the fact that two bridges – a modern, suspended bridge and an older, sliding one – link it to mainland Greece, called “Sterea Ellada”.

The prefecture of Evia – including the picturesque island of Skiros – is situated next to the Viotia prefecture on the east, with the Aegean Sea to the south. North and Northwest of Evia are the Pagasitikos and Maliakos Gulf respectively, while the North and South parts of the Evian Gulf lie to the west and southwest of the island.

Beaches of stunning beauty, a pleasant climate, famous monuments, thermal springs and delicious Greek cuisine are just some of the attractions and highlights that make the Island of Evia such a great travel destination!

Various findings in several parts of the area (including Istiaia, Kirinthos, Psachna, Amarynthos, Artaki, and Karistos) indicate that Evia was inhabited from the Paleolithic Era. Important archeological artefacts have been discovered excavated from the Copper period too. Ruins dating back to the Early Helladic period have been found in Lefkanti, Vasiliko and in Manika, Chalkida. While remains from the Middle Helladic period have been discovered in Oreoi and Aliveri. Across many areas of Chalkida many tombs and ruins from the post Hellenic and Mycenaean era have also been excavated.

This island – quite gigantic compared to the other Greek islands – is well known for its lush vegetation, varied entertainment activity and longstanding popularity as a travel destination!

Evia Travel Destination Information

Getting to Evia
  • Chalkida Bridge, connecting Evia to the Mainland
Evia Transportation
  • Local Bus / Taxi
Evia Highlights
  • Chalkida Bridge
  • Island of Kymi
  • Bourtzi Castle, Karystos
  • Medieval Church of Agia Paraskevi, Chalkis
  • Archaeological Museum of Chalkis
  • Kandili Mountain
  • Chiliadou Beach
  • Loutra (Baths) of Aidipsos