The queen of natural beauty!
Halkidiki is known as a blessed location, teeming with beaches of stunning beauty. Halkidiki’s attractions include a fantastic combination of the famous Greek sunlight and an impeccable hospitality experience, and it offers travellers a fantastic journey of discovery through paths of alluring scents and aromas! The rich agricultural production here makes Halkidiki the ultimate culinary experience. Dairy products, olives, oil, honey, wine and traditional tsipouro are only a few examples of the gastronomic wealth in the area. Furthermore, Halkidiki showcases a wide variety of Greek customs and traditional rituals, so it’s a great destination for those travellers in search of authentic Greek folklore.

Halkidiki is consists of three peninsulas, often compared to “feet”, each carrying their own interesting history, highlights, and seducing beauty. There is Kassandra, or Pallini – scene of the Battle of the Giants within ancient mythology, Sithonia – a magical place of green forest and blue sea, and Mount Athos – the world’s only monastic state, home to twenty historic monasteries. It really is a location of breathtaking beauty and a unique historical past. The city of Stagira in Sithonia in Halkidiki is the land of the great ancient philosopher Aristotle.

Halkidiki is easily accessed via Thessaloniki airport, approximately 1 hour away, and is highly recommended both to families and groups of friends! Halkidiki is wonderful place – a pure summer travel destination that arouses your senses and offers an incomparable vacation experience!

Halkidiki Travel Destination Information

Getting to Halkidiki
  • Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia”
Halkidiki Transportation
  • Local Bus / Taxi
Halkidiki Highlights
  • Mount Athos (UNESCO World Heritage Site)
  • Ammouliani Island
  • Cholomontas Mountain
  • Byzantine Tower
  • The Cave of Petralona
  • Ancient Olynthus
  • Stageira