The marvelous poppy field!
Kefalonia is a very attractive travel destination with so much to offer guests! Highlights include its many beautiful sights, gorgeous beaches, a rich cultural heritage, impressive monuments, spectacular mountains, historic castles, remote monasteries, and very cheerful, hospitable people.

Kefalonia is the biggest island in the Ioanian Sea, and is located at the outlet of Patraikos Bay, between the islands of Zante and Lefkada. Kefalonia has wonderful geological diversity, and is a great holiday destination for nature lovers. A particular highlight is Aenos Mountain, a National Park since 1962, and home to a huge variety of glorious flora and fauna. Kefalonia’s history has given it a fascinating mix of architecture too, as well as Byzantine architecture, visitors will find evidence of Kefalonia’s occupation by the Normans, Franks, Venetians and the Turks.

On 21st May 1864 Kefalonia, along with the rest of the Ionian islands, joined the modern state of Greece. In the Second World War, Kefalonia was invaded first by the Italians, and then the Germans. The local inhabitants’ resistance against the Axis invaders was considerable, and was the inspiration for the book “Captain Corelli’s Mandolin” which was made into a movie that was filmed on the island.

Argostoli has been the capital of Kefalonia since 1757. It is a relatively small town that mixes modern and historical features. The town has been built overlooking the Koutavous lagoon, which is often used by migrating birds. Attractions in Argostoli include neoclassical buildings, large squares, churches, and lots of vibrant cultural activity!

Kefalonia Travel Destination Information

Getting to Kefalonia
  • Kefalonia Island International Airport
  • Same Port
  • Poros Port
  • Fiscardo Port
  • Argostoli Port
  • Lixouri Port
Kefalonia Transportation
  • Local Bus / Taxi
Kefalonia Highlights
  • Argostoli Village
  • Lixouri Village
  • Myrtos Beach
  • Melissani Cave
  • Archaeological Museum of Argostoli
  • Evangelistria Church
  • St. George’s Castle
  • Argostoli Promenade
  • Church of Gerasimus of Kefalonia
  • Cambana Square
  • Drogarati Cave
  • Asso Vilage