Mytilene – Lesvos


The bright diamond on the crossroad of civilizations!
The beautiful island of Lesvos lies right in the crossroads between the West and the East. It is characterized by immense natural beauty! This island is a mosaic of attractions, and it’s a travel destination with something to cater for every holiday interest, with rare geology, amazingly diverse landscapes, archaeological treasures, stunning architecture, wetlands, hiking trails, museums, unique local cuisine, and a mix of both Christian and pagan events and pilgrimages across the countryside.

Lesvos’ capital and port is the ancient city of Mytilene, a lively city that showcases its rich and varied cultural influences at every turn. The city is so important to Lesvos that the whole island itself if sometimes referred to as Mytilene after the capital.

Lesvos’ land offers a large variety of agricultural products – such as traditional ouzo, wine and cheese and the worldwide famous olive oil. The eruption of a volcano 20 million years ago, separated the island of Lesvos in two different pieces, creating unusual and stunning scenery. The east side of the island is covered with pine and olive trees, which descend all the way to the sea. In the western side of Lesvos the scenery changes significantly becoming more reminiscent of the Cyclades island group and even the “Wild West”! One of Lesvos’ standout highlights is the Petrified Forest in Sigri – a part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Network and a potential new addition to the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. There is also The Natural History Museum of the Lesvos Petrified Forest nearby.

Mytilene-Lesvos Travel Destination Information

Getting to Mytilene-Lesvos
  • Mytilene International Airport
  • Port of Mytilene
Mytilene-Lesvos Transportation
  • Local bus / Taxi
Mytilene-Lesvos Highlights
  • Roman Aqueduct
  • Ipsilou Monastery
  • Agiasos Village
  • Petrified Forest of Lesvos
  • Plomari Village
  • Mythimna Village
  • Skala of Eresos-Antissa
  • Petra Village
  • Church in Kalloni Town
  • Limonas Monastery