The city of 4 seasons…!
Naoussa is fairly considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Greece. It is built in the Eastern fringes of the imposing Vermion mountain range and has an astonishing view in the beautiful and rich plain of Thessaloniki. It’s the capital of the Imathia province and offers a magical combination of stark beauty and a high mountain lined with trees. A fantastic array of attractions and highlights is offered in the romantic and multicolored Naoussa! It is just a few kilometres from Thessaloniki, so is an easily accessible travel destination for all visitors.

The city of Naoussa represents the region’s rich architectural heritage. Traditional alleys, beautiful sights, and astonishing views all make up Naoussa’s beautiful scenery. The Municipal Park that is found near the entrance of the city has a wonderful view of the Imathia plain up to Thessaloniki and the Thermaikos Gulf. The park is where visitors can experience why Naoussa is well-known as “the 4 season’s city”! In spring and summer it is a riot of pink and purple, covered by a carpet of thick white snow in winter, and during autumn it is a sea of orange! A path from the paved pedestrian zone by the banks of the river Arapitsa with its impressive waterfalls leads to “Stoumpanous”, a place where women of Naoussa were once sacrificed.

Three main elements combine to form Naoussa’s main highlights: flourishing vine-growing and wine-making industries (in 1987, the city was proclaimed as “International City of Wine and Vineyards”), a large variety of cultural events, which enrich the city’s daily life, and Noussa’s four museums, which showcase the rich historical tradition of the region!

Naoussa Travel Destination Information

Getting to Naoussa
  • Thessaloniki International Airport “Macedonia”
Naoussa Transportation
  • Local Bus / Taxi
Naoussa Highlights
  • Clock-Tower
  • Old City
  • Folkloric Museum if Vlach
  • Wine Museum
  • Simanikas music collection museum
  • Historic Museum