The Island of the Magnetes!
The island of Skyros lies to the east of Evia and is the most Southern of the Sporades islands. The capital of Skyros takes its name from the island itself. Skyros (or the Chora) is a charming town on the eastern side of the island, located in the foothills of Skyros’ Mount Olympus, which shares its name with the home of the 12 Gods from Greek Mythology. Highlights of Skyros include the port of Linaria, the village of Aspous with its Achili beach, the beaches of Kyra Panagia and Acherounes and the islets of Sarakiniko and Skyropoula.

Skyros is a charming travel destination, with villages with little houses, winding streets and steps. Many of these houses have unusual dark roofs covered by “melagki” (a clay soil that keeps the houses cool from the heat of the sun). Many of the houses in the countryside feature charming traditional interior decoration. As well as a strong farming and construction tradition, Skyros has a rich heritage in folk art, including pottery, wood carved furniture and embroidery, and an impressive Folklore Museum. Other attractions on Skyros include the Agios Georgios (St. George) Monastery and the Venetian castle in the Chora, and Tris Boukes harbour, with the grave of English poet Rupert Brookes nearby.

Skyros Travel Destination Information

Getting to Skyros
  • Skyros Island National Airport
  • Port of Skyros
Skyros Transportation
  • Local Bus / Taxi
Skyros Highlights
  • Kochlias Mountain
  • Venetian Castle
  • St. George’s Monastery
  • Tris Boukes Harbor
  • Rupert Brooke’s Grave (English Poet)