The seducing capital of the Cycladic complex!
Syros is a beautiful island where Greek tradition and western influence combine harmoniously. Syros’ capital town is called Ermoúpoli, which means “the city of the God Hermes”. During the 19th century, Ermoúpoli was a very important trade and industrial center, and Greece’s most important port. Evidence of its once high status can still be seen today. Its public buildings are noticeable highlights, including the City Hall, the Customs Office and the “Apollo” theatre, with neoclassical houses and beautiful squares other pleasant attractions. With a history built around industry, Ermoúpoli has been likened to the “Manchester of Greece”, and there is an Industrial Museum charting its rise.

Ermoúpoli will be a popular travel destination for visitors with a passion for ecclesiastical architecture, with some outstanding examples of Orthodox religious monuments, while the mediaeval quarter is a treasure trove of Roman Catholic buildings and monuments. These include St. George’s Cathedral on St. George’s hill in the area know as Áno Sýros (meaning upper Sýros). The top of the hill here offers great views of Ermoúpoli’s whitewashed houses and archways.

Syros offers a large number of beautiful sandy beaches including Vári, Foínikas, Yalissás and Kíni, One such beach, Possidonia (or Della Grazia) is close to a pretty village with many neoclassical mansions with colorful orchards. Like many of the Cyclades islands, Sýros is also famous for its Greek culinary tradition. Halva pie (a pie made of thyme honey and roasted almonds), loukoúmi (a sweet dessert like a Turkish delight made from water, starch and sugar), “loosa” ham, fennel sausages and the San Mihalis spicy cheese are some of the mouth watering treats Sýros offers tourists and travellers!

Syros Travel Destination Information

Getting to Syros
  • Syros Island National Airport
  • Port of Ermoupolis
Syros Transportation
  • Local Bus / Taxi
Syros Highlights
  • Ano Syros Village
  • Cathedral of St. Nicolas, in Ermoupolis
  • Anastasios Church, in Vodrado
  • St. George’s Cathedral (Roman Catholic)
  • Ermoupoli City Hall
  • Apollo Theater
  • Eleftheriou Venizelou Str.
  • Galissas Beach
  • Kini Beach
  • Statue of Andreas Miaoulis